David Hockney’s Pool Paintings: A Realistic Abstraction of Nature

Reading time: 5-6 minutes Looking at David Hockney’s pool paintings one might fail to understand any deeper meaning they could possess, and instead feel content appreciating vibrant colours and sleek lines as I did. Indeed, Hockney’s pool paintings are aesthetically pleasing, yet they deserve to be understood within the artist’s context. Throughout his training in... Continue Reading →

Bernini: The Secret Life of Sculptures

Reading time: 5 minutes When Hades fell in love with Persephone, the daughter of the goddess of nature, he decided to abduct her. Having rarely ventured outside of the Underworld, Hades decided to finally leave his dominion and travel above ground to pursue his love. Because her mother Demeter was not likely to approve of... Continue Reading →

To be or not to be

Reading Time: 7-8 mins From its conception the feminist movement produced a variety of types and terms which describe different feminists based on their underlying ideologies, behaviour, religion or culture. Although feminists won several battles in the past starting from the first feminist wave, by the time the fourth wave began in 2010’s the movement... Continue Reading →

The Rosettian Woman: Astarte Syraica

Reading time: 3 minutes Born into a cosmopolitan and artistic family, Rosetti was one of the seven artists to form the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 1848. The group rebelled against the Royal Academy and the academic conventions it espoused – one had to abide by these conventions to be considered a worthy artst. The Brotherhood practiced... Continue Reading →

Vinjeta: Arhitektonski značaj Doma Društva za ulepšavanje Vračara

Vreme čitanja: 2 minuta Imajući u vidu istoriju Beograda nije ni čudo što je nazivaju i arhitektonskom slagalicom. Nakon oslobađanja od turske vladavine prelazi se sa balkanske jednostavne arhitekture na arhitekturu zapadne Evrope, odnosno odražava se kosmopolitsko preusmerenje države, ali se istovremeno traga i za sopstvenim stilom. Krajem XIX i početkom XX veka, svakako najdominantniji... Continue Reading →

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